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Do I have to pay the bartending & service fee?

Bartending service is always required and must be purchased regardless of if you are hosting the bar or doing a cash bar.

Can I request no hard alcohol if I do a cash bar?

Yes, we can have a cash bar with beer and wine only.

Can I bring in my own alcohol?

No. Because we have a liquor license, no outside alcohol is permitted. If someone brings in outside alcohol we are required to confiscate it and dispose of it and may have to contact local authorities. In addition your deposit will be charged a fine of up to $500 per incident.

I have a special alcohol in mind. Is it possible to have that served?

Contact Adam at to discuss if this is an option. We try hard to accommodate special requests.

When will the bar close?

Last call will be announced 45 minutes prior to the event end time, and the bar will close 30 minutes prior.

How do drinks work for the toasts?

The two most popular options for the toast are champagne toast, or drink of choice toasts. 

Champagne Toasts can be served at the bar or poured tableside. It is the more traditional choice and is often seen as fancier. The downside? Not everyone likes champagne. 

Drink of Choice Toasts are when the DJ makes an announcement to head to the bar and grab a drink of your guests choice for the toasts. Everyone orders their own drink, so everyone is getting what they like. The downside? It isn't quite as fancy and guests have to go to the bar to get their drinks. 

Can I have drinks available for my wedding party while getting ready?

Absolutely! Let us know exactly what drinks you would like available, and we will have it ready and waiting when you arrive on your big day! 

Available Options: Bloody Mary's, Mimosas, Beer, Wine, Cocktails, and More.

What non-alcoholic options do you offer?

We have many non-alcoholic options including mock-tails, juices, soda, coffee, hot tea, iced tea and more. 

Our Signature Celebration Add-on package has some great non-alcoholic specialty options including Gourmet Coffee Bar, Frozen Drink Machine, Unlimited Soda Service, and a Refreshment Station.

We Didn't Answer Your Question?

No problem. Contact us at and we will be happy to chat with you further. 

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