Celebration Beverage - Exclusive Beverage Provider of The Chateaux at Fox Meadows

Individually Purchased Drink Menu
Our individually priced drink menu is designed for cash bars (your guests are paying for their own drinks), or if you would like to put a certain dollar amount toward the bar. 

Drink prices include sales tax. 

There is a $500 minimum for beverage service. 

Domestic Beer                                                       $5
Imported Beer                                                        $6
House Wine                                                            $7
House Champagne                                                 $7
Standard Cocktail                                                   $7
Ultra-Premium Cocktail                                         $9
Soda                                                                        $1.50

Any tab of $500 or more will have an 18% service fee added to the bill. 

Specialty drinks can be made to order and priced accordingly

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